We always loved our Introducings to our releases. Quite a view we produced over the years. Quite a view were lost, unfortunately but nevertheless, we still keept some of our C64 in our treasures over the past.. Oh let’s think.. unbelievable more than 20 years.. Some of them, we would like to present here.

Most of them are well known and have been arround for more than decades. Funny to mention, we are one of the oldest, active and alive C64 groups so far. And we still love to revel in memories. Even now – 2018. 28 Since we started our contribution to one of the world’s first computer scene. C64 – Which influenced us ever since. All we did, is part of modern computer society and worth to be collected. Therefore. Enjoy..

You are one of “these collectors” and found more of our Introducings all over the net? Make sure to contact us. To have them all listed here. We are still proud of every single one of them.. Still. Thanks.

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Enjoy our productions and don’t miss our updates..