Acrise always used to have members from all over the globe. An enormous amount of people who did join the forces of Acrise to serve the spreading and production of C64 material.

The official ALL TIME MEMBER LIST of Acrise (23/03/2022):

AnakondaNL1992Cracker, Swapper
ArtexNL1992Coder, Swapper, Cracker
ArtlaceHU1991Coder, Swapper
AttractionDE1991Modem Trader, Cracker
BeetlejuiceDE1991Coder, Cracker, Logo Graphician, Cover Designer, Graphician, Diskmag Editor, Fullscreen Graphician, Swapper
BombDE1991Original Supplier, FTP Supporter, Cover Designer, Mega Swapper, Net Trader
BordeauxNL1991Coder, Cracker, Papermag Editor, Musician, Mega Swapper, Diskmag Editor, Graphician, Swapper, Co-Organizer
CliveB1991Mega Swapper
CrebB1992Mega Swapper
CrossfireDK1991Coder, Original Supplier, Cracker, Modem Trader, Organizer, Mega Swapper, Logo Graphician, Net Trader
CybernoidCA1992Graphician, Sysop
DishyDK1992Mega Swapper, Original Supplier, Papermag Editor
DMIDE1990Modem Trader, Organizer, Author, Diskmag Editor, Net Trader, Graphician, Swapper
Double-TDE1991Coder, Cracker
Dr. WillNL1991Modem Trader, Sysop
ExultDE1992Coder, Cracker, FTP Supporter, Webmaster, Graphician, Swapper
FreshDE1993(unknown function)
GoatDE1996Swapper, Original Supplier
GothicDE1996Coder, Original Supplier, Co-Sysop, Modem Trader
HornetNL1996Graphician, Swapper
IgorDE1991Coder, Cracker
ImperatorDE1991Original Supplier, Cracker, FTP Supporter, Modem Trader, Mega Swapper, Net Trader
IncestDE1991Modem Trader
Jive DE1991Cracker, Swapper
JokerUK1993FTP Supporter, Swapper
Mac SystemsDE1993Graphician, Swapper
Mason [http]DK1992Coder, Cracker, Original Supplier, Modem Trader, NTSC-Fixer, Swapper
Mendrake [http]DE1990Modem Trader, Organizer, Phreaker, Net Trader, Public Relations Manager, Sysop, Author, Webmaster, Original Supplier, Cracker, FTP Administrator, Mega Swapper, Diskmag Editor
MicronixNL2013Coder, Cracker, Musician
MouseNL1992Graphician, Coder
Mr. MisterDE1996Swapper
Mr. PerfectNL1992Swapper
Nowhere ManDE1991Swapper
Optimus PrimeSE1991Cracker
OutlawDE1995Coder, Cracker
P-ByteDE1996PC Graphician, Swapper, Music editor
PacificNL1992Swapper, Original Supplier
Phantom LordDE1992Coder, Cracker, Swapper, Modem Trader
Redskin DE1992Coder
RhythmDE1992Musician, Swapper
RiddlerSE1991Cracker, Original Supplier, Modem Trader, Logo Graphician, Mega Swapper, Co-Sysop, Co-Organizer
RipDE1992Coder, Swapper
SentinelDE1995Diskmag Editor, Original Supplier, Cracker
SpermbirdDE1995Mega Swapper
StarkillerDE1991Modem Trader, Mega Swapper
StaticNL1991Graphician, Swapper
StormfrontDE1996Swapper, Cracker
StorytellerDE1991Modem Trader, Mega Swapper
The Celtic CrossDE1992Cracker, Original Supplier, Modem Trader, Mega Swapper
TrasherSE1992Cracker, Swapper, Modem Trader
TwynnNL1992Graphician, Coder, Musician
WolfNL1993Mega Swapper
ZakDK1992Graphician, Swapper, Papermag Editor, Cover Designer

You might download our official member list here as Excel Version: Acrise member list 23-04-2018