Acrise always used to have members from all over the globe. An enormous amount of people who did join the forces of Acrise to serve the spreading and production of C64 material.

The official ALL TIME MEMBER LIST of Acrise (02/10/2019):

Anakonda NL 1992 Cracker, Swapper
Archilles HU 1992 Swapper
Artex NL 1992 Coder, Swapper, Cracker
Artlace HU 1991 Coder, Swapper
Attraction DE 1991 Modem Trader, Cracker
BC NL 1992 Cracker
Beetlejuice DE 1991 Coder, Cracker, Logo Graphician, Cover Designer, Graphician, Diskmag Editor, Fullscreen Graphician, Swapper
Bomb DE 1991 Original Supplier, FTP Supporter, Cover Designer, Mega Swapper, Net Trader
Bordeaux NL 1991 Coder, Cracker, Papermag Editor, Musician, Mega Swapper, Diskmag Editor, Graphician, Swapper, Co-Organizer
Clive B 1991 Mega Swapper
Creb B 1992 Mega Swapper
Crossfire DK 1991 Coder, Original Supplier, Cracker, Modem Trader, Organizer, Mega Swapper, Logo Graphician, Net Trader
Cybernoid CA 1992 Graphician, Sysop
Dishy DK 1992 Mega Swapper, Original Supplier, Papermag Editor
DMI DE 1990 Modem Trader, Organizer, Author, Diskmag Editor, Net Trader, Graphician, Swapper
Double-T DE 1991 Coder, Cracker
Dr. Will NL 1991 Modem Trader, Sysop
Eco DE 1994 Musician
Exult DE 1992 Coder, Cracker, FTP Supporter, Webmaster, Graphician, Swapper
Fresh DE 1993 (unknown function)
Goat DE 1996 Swapper, Original Supplier
Gorefest DE 1993 Swapper
Gothic DE 1996 Coder, Original Supplier, Co-Sysop, Modem Trader
Hornet NL 1996 Graphician, Swapper
Igor DE 1991 Coder, Cracker
Imperator DE 1991 Original Supplier, Cracker, FTP Supporter, Modem Trader, Mega Swapper, Net Trader
Incest DE 1991 Modem Trader
Jive  DE 1991 Cracker, Swapper
Joker UK 1993 FTP Supporter, Swapper
Lightnis NL 1992 Swapper
Logan AU 1993 Swapper
Mac Systems DE 1993 Graphician, Swapper
Mason [http] DK 1992 Coder, Cracker, Original Supplier, Modem Trader, NTSC-Fixer, Swapper
Mendrake [http] DE 1990 Modem Trader, Organizer, Phreaker, Net Trader, Public Relations Manager, Sysop, Author, Webmaster, Original Supplier, Cracker, FTP Administrator, Mega Swapper, Diskmag Editor
Merlin NL 1993 Swapper
Micronix NL 2013 Coder, Cracker, Musician
Mouse NL 1992 Graphician, Coder
Mr. Mister DE 1996 Swapper
Mr. Perfect NL 1992 Swapper
Nowhere Man DE 1991 Swapper
Olorin AU 1992 Swapper
Optimus Prime SE 1991 Cracker
Outlaw DE 1995 Coder, Cracker
P-Byte DE 1996 PC Graphician, Swapper, Music editor
Pacific NL 1992 Swapper, Original Supplier
Phantom Lord DE 1992 Coder, Cracker, Swapper, Modem Trader
Poet DE 1991 Swapper
Rebel SE 1993 Sysop
Redskin DE 1992 Coder
Rhythm DE 1992 Musician, Swapper
Riddler SE 1991 Cracker, Original Supplier, Modem Trader, Logo Graphician, Mega Swapper, Co-Sysop, Co-Organizer
Rip DE 1992 Coder, Swapper
Sentinel DE 1995 Diskmag Editor, Original Supplier, Cracker
Spermbird DE 1995 Mega Swapper
Starkiller DE 1991 Modem Trader, Mega Swapper
Static NL 1991 Graphician, Swapper
Stormfront DE 1996 Swapper, Cracker
Storyteller DE 1991 Modem Trader, Mega Swapper
Techno B 1991 Swapper
Tesla DE 1992 Graphician
The Celtic Cross DE 1992 Cracker, Original Supplier, Modem Trader, Mega Swapper
Touchstone CH 1993 Swapper
Trasher SE 1992 Cracker, Swapper, Modem Trader
Truss NL 1993 Swapper
Twynn NL 1992 Graphician, Coder, Musician
Wolf NL 1993 Mega Swapper
Zak DK 1992 Graphician, Swapper, Papermag Editor, Cover Designer

You might download our official member list here as Excel Version: Acrise member list 23-04-2018